Are you looking for assistance on how to train for your first 100 Cycle Challenge?

Or are you aiming to do a new personal best in 2019?

We have partnered with Cycling South Africa’s Coaching Commission to help you achieve your particular objectives this year. Alasdair Garnett, the Chair of the commission, together with Cycling South Africa’s team of accredited coaches, have created training plans to take on the 100 Cycle Challenge.

The plans, powered by TrainingPeaks, an international app, are available free of charge to all entrants.

Download the TrainingPeaks app on your mobile device to create your free account (click here for Android and here for iOS).

Once you have downloaded the app, click here to access the specific plans for the 100 Cycle Challenge – enter the voucher code 100CC2019 to access the plan and start your training.

Entrants into the race are also welcome to submit questions on training to Alasdair at coaching@cyclingsa.com, or get in touch with him or any of the other Cycling SA accredited coaches for more personal tracking and coaching.

All the best with your training.

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100 Cycle Challenge

The 100 Cycle Challenge supports the development of the sport in South Africa. A percentage of proceeds goes toward funding cycling academies across South Africa under the umbrella of Race The Future, Cycling South Africa’s national development plan. The developmental focus will be on the City of Ekurhuleni during the first three years of the race.