Pro-cyclist teams up with girls cycling club to promote the sport in Cape Town tour

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Ashleigh Moolman Pasio, a professional cyclist and sports champion, is teaming up with Khaltsha Cycles in Khayelitsha to make a positive impact on the lives of teenage girls in the area. The team recently completed their first Cape Town Cycle Tour, joining the 30,000 cyclists who rode around the beautiful peninsula. It’s worth mentioning that some team members were unable to ride a bike just one year ago.

Moolman Pasio expressed her vision for the center they are creating, aiming to empower the girls by providing them with tutors and a computer center where they can study. After finishing their studies, they will have the opportunity to ride on an indoor trainer using platforms like Swift, allowing Moolman Pasio to join them even when she’s abroad. This safe environment eliminates concerns about traffic and punctures.

Khaltsha Cycles is an initiative led by Sindile and Juma, an all-girl cycling team that not only trains the cyclists but also provides them with a space to study and connect with others. The collaboration between Khaltsha Cycles and Rococarbo Collective was born after Ashleigh Moolman Pasio was tagged in a tweet.

Moolman Pasio’s goal is to empower the girls through the bicycle, giving new riders a sense of belonging and helping them grow in confidence. The team members from Khayelitsha, such as Ncali Similela, expressed their excitement and sense of accomplishment after crossing the finish line, feeling motivated to participate in even bigger races and aiming to be number one.

Moolman Pasio’s passion for cycling started when she was a teenager, inspired by her mother. Her victory in 2012 at the early stage of her career gave her the belief that becoming a professional cyclist was a realistic goal.